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ERP Selection & Implementation


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are a valuable tool for any organization, and they can have an impact on every single part of your business. These highly sought after enterprise applications help manage activities including finance, procurement, human resources, maintenance, planning and services.

There are countless ERP systems available, so it’s crucial that you make the right ERP choice that fits your organization. We help you find the ERP solution that best fits your organization’s budget, timeframe, industry and operational needs.

Our team is experienced in understanding your current organisational process, day to day operations, identifying gaps and suggest suitable ERP solution. We have worked significantly with many solutions, practitioners and Quantity Surveyors to develop the processes and technology to support the discipline and our clients’ individual business processes.

Our ERP software selection methodology involves the analysis of each client’s unique requirements against viable ERP software solutions. We help your organization understand all of the options and associated costs, risks and benefits.

Project Planning – Define Key stake holders and participants to establish ERP project governance, project timelines and key milestones, define scope, review existing business and technical documentation and assess long term strategic goals,.
Scope – Baseline assessment of current process and identify targets and goals of improved process, return on investment analysis on improved process, define business logic, workflow, checklist, gap analysis, change management, risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
ERP Vendor Evaluation and Software Selection – Tender preparation and evaluation, Request for Information, Vendor Demo’s, software functional and technical strengths, vendor capabilities and support, cost analysis, vendor negotiations and agreement.
Implementation – Contract administration, installation planning and strategies, validation, training and documentation, long term operational strategy.