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Parking Sensors(IOT)

Smart parking sensor detects vehicles parked in the parking spaces where the sensor is located, to obtain real-time information on availability parking spots thanks to a magnetic detection system.

The device is placed directly on the road surface and that vehicles can be placed over the sensor.


Real-time information on available parking spots

Duration of the vehicle parked

Easy installation on the road surface — no civil works necessary

Battery operated — long-life

Very low maintenance

Asset Tracking(IOT)

Fleet Tracking enhanced by IOT helps business to track down the usage of vehcile through inbuilt sensors.

This will help monitoring

Driver Id


Fuel consumption per trip

Trip details

Alerts on service/issues

Live tracking


ERP on Map

Any ERP data can be shown on Maps.

The system interfaces between GIS and ERP data where the Geo locations are maintained.

This solutions provides easy customization and seamless integration.

Solution provides outstanding flexibility and user friendly interface.

Reports can be executed on Maps and output can be downloaded into any file format.

Key Features:

Powerful built-in GIS engine

All data are accessible through quick navigation interface

Easy Configurable Menus

Reports can be executed on Map

Reports can be downloaded into any file format